Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Well, that was kind of creepy...

Today wasn't all that stellar, though it wasn't terrible, either.

I mean, it's not good when you start it out knowing you're going to get a needle stuck in your mouth and a tooth drilled, but I like my dentist, so that always helps.

Anyway, aside from a few scheduling SNAFUs between a misunderstanding on my part and a tardy bus, I got that part of the day done in peace. Since my hands have been bothering me since I attacked the weeds Saturday, I decided to wear my braces today.

As far as street harassment went, there wasn't much. A couple glances here and there, one guy singling me out to try bumming a cigarette off (I don't smoke), but nothing too bad, until I was walking home from the grocery store.

The store is, oh, maybe a mile or two away from home, and the easiest route is along a moderately busy street. There are sidewalks and crosswalks, so it's relatively safe for pedestrians.

There are also other establishments along that stretch, and they're not always all that busy. As I began passing one with a mostly empty parking lot, I noticed a middle aged guy sitting in a pickup, watching me.

Maybe he was waiting for someone, but he was the only one there, and he was practically hanging out his window to watch me. The scene reminded me of something straight out of Law and Order, or maybe the first five minutes of Supernatural.

"Hey!" He shouted at me, and continued when I glanced over, "Need a ride?"

"No, thanks!" I offered a tight smile, still numb in places from the dentist, "I'm good."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I appreciate it." I picked up my pace a little.

"Those bags look heavy for sore wrists!"

"I'm good, have a nice day!" I refused to look back at this point, but listened for any sound of him trying to follow me.

"I don't mind!" Then, he said something else, but at that point, I couldn't understand what it was.

Maybe he was just trying to be a nice guy, but I've already met enough "nice guys" to know how quickly they can turn. Plus, he was SO persistent, and the way he was looking at me set off all kinds of warning bells.

I mean, really? If someone says "no, thanks", take that for what it is and leave them alone.

I wasn't playing hard to get, dude. I don't know you, so I don't trust you, and I won't go anywhere with you. Thanks for the offer, but no.

That's one of those situations that seem completely harmless, but could have turned into something else entirely. It's sad that we live in a world where we have to suspect something that could just be an act of kindness.

Ugh, still. I'm tempted to look up local predator alerts, just in case.

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