Thursday, May 14, 2015

Street Harassment Chronicles: The Drive By Slutting

I'll be chronicling the street harassment I put up with here. Every time I experience something troubling, I'll post a picture of what I was wearing when it happened, because too many people try to blame the victims by saying they're wearing risque clothing, and a description of the event.

I'd love to see more women speaking up about this, too, because I know I'm not the only one this happens to.

Yesterday, I headed to the store to pick up some ingredients for ratatouille. Since it's always easier to carry heavier groceries on my back, I carry a backpack with me.

It was relatively warm, so I figured I'd don shorts for the first time this season. I've always had a sort of antagonistic relationship with that article of clothing. I don't care for my scrawny legs, so I don't show them off often, and when I do wear shorts, sleazy comments seem to follow.

Heaven forbid I dress for the weather.

That day, things went relatively smoothly. One guy honked his horn and waved at me, which wasn't a big deal. He could have been my neighbor, but I didn't get a very good look at him, so I waved back anyway. Otherwise, I thought I'd get home without incident.

As I was approaching the intersection to my neighborhood, a car turned, and a young male voice yelled, "SLUT!" at me as they passed.

By the time I could react, they were already gone.

Seriously? What about my appearance prompted that outburst?


I wish there was a way I could get back at the cowards who do that stuff.

Would that guy do the same thing if we were on equal footing? If he faced the possibility of being yelled back at, or having a third party step in, would he be brave enough to yell profanity at women he didn't know?

Bah. At least the jerk didn't get to enjoy the tasty food I cooked up with the ingredients I was carrying home when he felt the need to defecate through his mouth.
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