Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Outsmarted By Crows

Every year, we head up north of Duluth to camp on the shore of Lake Superior and hike the trails. We've been doing this for a few years, now, and every year, the crows crack us up.

They don't have the usual "caw! caw!" call that you'd expect of them. Instead, they scream "AAH!" We were pretty freaked out the first few times, because we couldn't figure out what the yelling was, but we eventually got it sorted.

Last year, my husband got the fire pit ready before we headed out for our first, short hike the day we'd arrived. He tented the wood, balled up paper, stuck it in the hollow and off we went. As we left, we noticed a couple of crows watching us.

As far as hikes go, this one was pretty uneventful. We did some climbing, got the below pictures from one of Shovel Point's overlooks and headed back to the tent.

Pretty, yes? It's a gorgeous area, but we were tired from the long (long) drive and dealing with unfortunate circumstances before we left.

As we crossed the bridge, we heard an "AAH!" not far from us. Across the street, a crow bobbed its head at us and hopped along the fence parallel to our path. It even stopped long enough for us to get the below picture.

Entertaining, social bird, right? We called back, and returned the looks it kept giving us. We've both always had a fondness for those birds, but we didn't linger too long. We were hungry and needed some stationary time.

When we got back, we heard a suspicious shuffling around the corner. By the time we arrived at the site, we discovered one of the crows that had been watching us ripping through the kindling before flying off with bits of it!

We're pretty sure that tease at the bridge delayed us so its buddy could get some choice nest building material. Troublemakers.

That's the last time we make that mistake. Wonder how many other campers these birds have conned out of things.

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