Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Unconscious Mutterings - Old Pictures

I've spent most of today feeling absolutely terrible. Stomach is finally objecting to the awful diet I've been feeding it, and the rest of me is objecting to the horrid sleep schedule I've been keeping.


On the bright side, I've discovered some pictures on an old cell phone. Here are three of my favorites.

I love how quirky cats can be. I'm still not entirely sure of what our black and white kitty was doing in that last picture, but it's still amusing.

Anyway, here's today's installation of Unconscious Mutterings, as hosted by Luna NiƱa.

  1. Science :: Fiction
  2. Everywhere :: Nowhere
  3. Seed :: Starting
  4. Comedian :: Everyone
  5. Philadelphia :: Wow, that word messes with my dyslexia
  6. Disillusioned :: Illusioned
  7. Rolls :: Dinner
  8. History :: Untold
  9. Eagles :: Music
  10. Disappointed :: School

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