Thursday, April 2, 2015

Friday Fictioneers - Shave and a Hair Cut

The one time I spent a weekend in Lilydale, NY with my mom, we stayed in two of the only hotels they had. One of them had actually been a stable at one point, and when the owners decided to turn it into lodging, they elevated the old stable to become the top floor, and built a new addition as the first floor.

If you stayed on the top level, you could supposedly hear the long dead horses moving around at night. My mom said she'd heard them the next morning, but I'd only heard snoring by the floor on my side of the bed.

The snoring was a bit unnerving, since my side was against the wall, and on the other side of said wall was a stairwell. It could have been a trick of acoustics, but hey, who knows? It was pretty creepy.

Today's prompt for Friday Fictioneers reminded me of that hotel, because of the Door to Nowhere.

The title comes from the idea the tapping our frustrated wife heard was to the rhythm of "Shave and a Hair Cut", which would drive anyone to distraction.

Many thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting!

PHOTO PROMPT © Lauren Moscato
 Genre: Paranormal (...or I guess Realistic Fiction if you believe in ghosts)
Word Count: 100

Shave and a Hair Cut

            Her stupid husband and his stupid obsession with the stupid ghosts is what landed them in this stupid haunted house. For the last week, she’d been kept awake by knocking and followed by cold spots that behaved more like lost children than household drafts.
            Now, she lay in bed, cursed her husband for sleeping through anything and grit her teeth against the urge to scream.
            Stupid. Tapping.
            She’d had enough. “Will you knock that off?!” She screamed, startling her husband badly enough to send him to the floor.
            When he popped up like a disheveled gopher, it was blessedly silent.


  1. I liked the description of the cold spots. Nice one.

  2. The good thing is, she got the knocking to stop. :)

  3. Husbands always seem to be able to sleep through anything! Loved your first sentence - made me laugh and also the disheveled gopher! :)

    1. I know, right? So unfair!

      Happy to have given you a laugh! :)

  4. That was very entertaining. I love the feelings in this - her frustration and outburst at the end, and the final hilarious image is a treat.

  5. Well done! Humorous and sharp as well.


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