Monday, March 30, 2015

Unconscious Mutterings - TMNT Edition

Today, I'm wearing my one and only TMNT sweatshirt. Since it's so hard to find geek gear in my size, I snap it up when I can find it. As I was making a pit stop in the bathroom, I glanced at my reflection and noticed something rather...interesting about the boys.

Of course, Raph is all "GRR! I HAVE ANGRY TURTLE-EYEBROWS! YOU BETTER RUN! GRR!" As he does.

Leo's all, "Don't mess with me. You won't like what happens if you mess with me. See this foot? Would you like it to meet your face? No? Then step off, pal."

Even Mikey's getting into the Angry Eyebrow Party with the whole, "Dude, I'ma CHUCK YOU" vibe he's giving off.

And then.

And then, there's Donnie.

Oh, Donnie. Donnie, Donnie, Donnie.

"Hey, look! A butterfly! I wonder if it'll land on my bo. C'mere, perty flutterbye! I won't hurt you!"

Donnie. Babe. Sweetheart. Turtle genius.

Just WHAT have you been cooking up in that lab of yours, and why haven't you shared it with your brothers? My goodness.

TMNT shenanigans aside, today is indeed Monday, and that means some Unconscious Mutterings! Thanks, as always, go out to Luna Niña for hosting!

  1. Twins :: Run in the family
  2. Seven :: of Nine
  3. Canceled :: Concert
  4. Video :: killed the radio star
  5. Mistress :: of disguise
  7. Sadness :: Cured with coffee. Lots of coffee. Then maybe a nap.
  8. Cleanse :: Facial
  9. Impostor :: INTERLOPER!
  10. Fruitless :: train of thought

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

(Belated) Teaser Tuesday - Good Omens

Well, I haven't done this in a while, so why not? I'm reading a few decent books, right now. Thanks to A Daily Rhythm for hosting!

• Grab your current read
• Open to a random page
• Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
• BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
• Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!
"It is said that the devil has all the best tunes.
That is broadly true, but Heaven has all the best choreographers." - p. 88, Good Omens, by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman

This is such a great book. I'm not entirely sure why those two lines crack me up as much as they do.

This is only the second book I've read in which Terry Pratchett had a hand in writing, but the man had an amazing way with words. May he rest in peace.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Unconscious Mutterings - Brr!

I am SO cold today.

Brr. It's supposed to warm up to about 40 degrees (4 Celsius), so I won't be quite so frozen later, but for now? It may be time for some hot tea. Hey, at least my seedlings are enjoying the show.

Anyway, it looks like I missed Friday Fictioneers again. I might try popping a flash fiction out tomorrow, but today is all about Unconscious Mutterings, before moving on to some other writing projects.

Thanks, as always, to Luna Niña for hosting!

  1. Ringtone :: RING, RING, RING! THAT'S ALL I DO! DO YOU THINK I WANNA RING?! PICK UP THE PHONE!! (and that's what my default ring tone is)
  2. Slab :: o' meat
  3. Harness :: Horses
  4. Couple :: of doves
  5. Shovel :: it in
  6. Game :: on
  7. Patriotic :: flags
  8. Bleed :: it out (...I swear that's a song lyric)
  9. Top :: hat
  10. Leafy :: greens

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Walking Downtown While Female

Since I work at home, I have the luxury of being able to choose when to run my errands. I prefer going out during the work day, because the creeps are usually busy doing other things.

Today, I had to run downtown for something, which meant catching the bus and doing a little walking. I took a book with me as a way to keep myself entertained during the ride and discourage unwanted attention.

For the record, here's today's outfit:

Now with bonus cat!
Nothing all that special, right? That's pretty much my go-to look.

Here are the reactions I got.

Pedestrian Bridge
I prefer catching the bus at the transit station about a quarter mile from my home, since it's safer to cross streets around there. To get to the station, I have to cross a pedestrian bridge that goes over the highway.

During the few minutes I was hoofin' it across, two cars honked at me.

Why do people do that? Why are you paying attention to me instead of the road? What are you hoping to accomplish? I just don't get it.

But whatever, it happens so often it's almost expected.

The bus let me off about a block from the place I had to visit, so the walk didn't even take five minutes. During that time I got a "Hey, cutie" with the requisite visual undressing and sauntering over, a dude mumbling something at me of which I could only understand a couple of crude words and a group of about five business men openly staring and leering at me.

One of 'em licked his lips as I passed by. No. You're disgusting. Go do your business things somewhere far away from me.

There was only one guy who I could tell was trying to read my shirt, and another who gave me a very kind compliment on my jacket. The only one I had acknowledged with a polite thank you was that compliment, but I still kept walking after that. The rest wasn't bad enough to respond to.

This was all within the distance of a city block. I'm so glad I didn't decide to drop into someplace for some lunch. Leftovers aren't bad, and now I don't need to deal with potential unpleasantness.

That kind of behavior always grosses me out on some level, but really, it's gotten to the point where it doesn't phase me much anymore unless there's following, groping or aggressiveness involved. And that's kinda sad.

The thing is, if I had run that errand over the weekend, or when most people are off work, I know from experience that it would have been much worse.

I don't think I'll ever understand why this kind of behavior is accepted, and sometimes encouraged. Even if I was dressed provocatively, that doesn't mean I would deserve to be bothered by complete strangers for just walking down the sidewalk.

To make matters worse, I know all too well that I'm not alone in that experience, and that today was a very mild example of it. It's just wrong on so many levels.

That said, most of the men I see on the street or the bus aren't like that. It's just those few who decide it's ok to treat me like some sort of eye candy or sex object every time I'm out and about that make me want to hit things.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Unconscious Mutterings - AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Today did not start out well. Hubby borrowed my computer when I went to bed last night, and didn't return it until maybe half an hour ago. I have about an hour before I have to start getting ready for an interview, which doesn't leave enough time to update the two blogs I'd wanted to this morning.

Maybe I can at least get a couple of outlines done.

Hello, frustration. Of all days, you had to visit today. Guess you wanted to see your cousin, Nerves. I wasn't expecting this anxious reunion. You couldn't delay it for me?

Deep breaths. I got this.

Hubby can make it up to me this evening by watching Monsters University or Monsters Inc while we indulge in a beer (or maybe tea, depending on how my stomach feels) and dinner. Comedic animation always soothes a frazzled mood.

At least I have time to update here. I mean, Monday DOES mean word association via Unconscious Mutterings, after all. As always, thanks go out to Luna Niña for hosting the game!

  1. Hunt :: It's wabbit season. ( it? I don't know.)
  2. Spinal :: Column
  3. Groom :: 's men
  4. Red light :: District
  5. Delayed :: Gratification
  6. Forgetfulness :: Was I supposed to remember something??
  7. Tennis :: Balls
  8. Best of luck :: Thanks!
  9. Badge :: of honor
  10. Autograph :: Well, if you really want one, sure.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Fictioneers - We Do What We Must

I swear, this tiger stripe kitty is why I am constantly wearing some sort of fur coat, whether I want to or not.

She's such a lover, but I still have no idea how one animal can shed so much while still having such thick fur.

Anyway, today's the day for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. I've been working on my first novel, so this character has been on my mind a lot. For those who've been reading for a while, you may recognize her from this FF installation.

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook
Genre: Well, I guess it COULD be realistic fiction, though the overall story is Urban Fantasy/Fantasy.
Word Count: 100

We Do What We Must
            She hadn’t been home in years. She had lived in a city with her adopted family, but they’d visit the country every spring. Those days started with bird song, and sun kissed trees.
            This morning started with icy toes and fogged breath, but the woods reminded her of those happier days. Diana learned to fill her heart with frost, much like what coated the long grasses around her.
            Tugging her cloak tighter, she glanced at her silent hiking companion and stepped onto the bridge. The sooner she finished her task, the sooner she could return to the ones left behind.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Unconscious Mutterings: Emotions Left and Right

Took a break from social media yesterday, and if what keeps popping up is any indication of what today will be like, I may need a break today, too.

So many serious topics I'm just not up to dealing with on an emotional level. What can I say? It's been a rough few weeks, and I need some more time to recover.

I think I'm going to dedicate this afternoon to fiction. Gotta work on some submissions, anyway.

Before that, though, have some word association, thanks to Luna Niña.

  1. Neutral :: Color
  2. Renovation :: So much work
  3. Metallic :: a (get it? Metallica?)
  4. Filling :: I can't tell if this is filling or filing.
  5. Designate :: Design
  6. Bee sting :: anaphylaxis (oh, look, there's the anxiety again...must bug hubby to find his epi-pen before those things wake up)
  7. Neighbors :: I swear there's a song about them
  8. Bracket :: Sportsball
  9. Call me :: maybe (aaaand now that song's in my head)
  10. Pretty :: cute

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Lingering Effects of War

When you grow up in a generally peaceful country, it's easy to forget just how long the effects of war linger.
Hans Thoma [Public domain], via
Wikimedia Commons

As a child, I was always warned about strangers, and as a very young looking teenager, there was a man plaguing our community by taking an unhealthy interest in the local children. I seem to remember hearing about a couple of missing girls who were around my age, too. Overall, though, I was generally pretty safe.

Even as I kid, I sometimes thought about the tragic effect war has on families. My dad received terrible injuries during the Vietnam war, from which he still suffers, and both my grandparents on my mom's side were profoundly impacted by WWII, since they both suffered through some horrible experiences in Germany and Poland during that period of time.

Even though my siblings and I were born after these conflicts ended, they still had a profound effect on how we grew up and who we became.

There's no way that couldn't have happened. Something as profound and life changing as war always leaves ripples for generations upon generations. Once a conflict ends, it's not really over until it fades from memory, and even then, its echos linger.

If you stop to think about it, conflicts like the Crusades still have a lasting impact on the world. Christianity is still one of the majority religions, and Pagan beliefs were either co-opted into holidays, like in the Easter and Christmas celebrations, or wiped out completely.

A huge part of the ongoing mess in the Middle East is rooted in those ancient wars, too. People are still fighting over which religion deserves which turf and who's right about what. (Don't get me wrong, there's also a massive money motivation and more complexities than I'll ever know about.)

If you look at almost every country's legends, folktales and histories, you'll probably find war mentioned at least once. I know the American culture glorifies it to a shameful level.

With the ongoing conflicts overseas and the continually rising fears of terrorism, I don't think those who glorify what's going on truly understand the human cost inflicted. Civilian's lives are ruined, and even children born later will feel the repercussions for their entire lives, whether they realize it or not.

I think that's important to remember whenever the topic comes up.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Unconscious Mutterings - Winter Scenery

Monday, Monday. Nope, sure can't trust this day. Hey, I got a few rather nice pictures on my walk yesterday, though.

Temperature wise, it was a little on the chilly side, still below freezing, but after the sub zero weather we had been getting, it felt pretty nice.

Maybe I'll be able to start running outside again, soon.

Anyway, I just couldn't take my eyes off the sky.

That aside, it IS Monday, which means Unconscious Mutterings, hosted by Luna Niña.

  1. Jude :: Take a sad song and make it better.
  2. Erased :: Pencil
  3. Addiction :: to wood
  4. Curls :: unwieldy
  5. Hotel :: California
  6. Bloomers :: Undies
  7. Membership :: Club
  8. Family :: Member
  9. Handle :: Who's throwing handles?
  10. Questioning :: What the point is
Welp, that's it for today. Off to get one more blog updated, a story or two polished and some articles written. Busy Monday is busy.