Monday, January 12, 2015

What do I have in common with the roof?

We both have shingles.

I had my suspicions, but it's good to have them verified.

I'm on an antiviral medication, famciclovir, for the next five days, and I think I'm going to try using a baking soda paste on these blisters as suggested. The doctor said this should clear up in about a week, and I have a low risk of permanent nerve damage, due to my age. The shingles infection usually happens only once, so hopefully this means I'll be spared a flare up later in life.

I'll still probably see a few more blisters pop up, and the marks they leave can last for up to six months. Good thing I wasn't planning on entering any beauty pageants.

It'll probably hurt for a few more days, though, and I think this first dose is starting to make me feel a bit sleepy. Then again, I was already pretty tired, since my slumber hasn't exactly been ideal lately. Gonna have to stay away from pregnant people and kids who haven't had the chickenpox, or the vaccine for a while, too.

So, there's that.

And it's Monday today, so that means Unconscious Mutterings, courtesy of Luna NiƱa!

  1. Decree :: There must be more degrees outside.
  2. Seats :: On a plane
  3. No no no ::What kinda language is that?
  4. Fess up :: I know you did it.
  5. Construct :: Deconstruct
  6. Page :: Turner
  7. Laughter :: best medicine
  8. Audience :: Here's hoping they're doing number 7
  9. Freezes :: As soon as you step outside
  10. Stuck up :: Where the sun don't shine
Oh, right, and before I forget, I'm offering some commissions for knit and crochet goods to help pay for some unforeseen expenses. If interested, I've posted the details here.

And now? A couple more things on ye olde to-do list, and then a nap.


  1. Hahahahah the title and first line made me laugh out loud! But I do hope this doesn't interfere with your life too much and that there isn't much discomfort :/

    1. LOL Good! They were meant to get a laugh. :)

      Thanks! I'm actually doing a bit better today than I had been. Even though I didn't get to the doc within the first 3 days of the rash showing up, I hope it's early enough that the combination of antiviral and home treatments will cut the infection short. Still really uncomfortable, but the pain hasn't been quite as bad as it had been.


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