Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Reading and Writing Just Didn't Happen Today

My dyslexia is atrocious today. Even just replying to comments has been a misadventure in word recall and spelling.

I guess that's why I've been knitting today.

I think the fact I've been dealing with what seems to be some sort of skin allergy for the past few days has something to do with it, too. There's this little patch of dermatitis that appeared the day before yesterday, got very painful, but started getting better today before I could get to the doctor.

The area's still a little puffy, red and bumpy, but it doesn't itch or hurt at all anymore. The Cortizone cream that I forgot we had seems to help.

Still, I have no idea what caused it. It's on my stomach, so there's not a whole lot that area gets exposed to. It IS winter in Minnesota, after all. No midriff baring shirts for me, and we haven't changed laundry supplies or soap recently. My diet hasn't been all that fantastic lately, but I haven't been trying new foods or anything.

Bah. Maybe I should schedule that allergy test.

Ah, well. Tomorrow will be a better day for writing, and hey, yesterday I submitted three stories to a place. That's something, at least.

These burnout phases happen sometimes, but they're usually followed by a good period of productivity.

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