Friday, January 2, 2015

My Cat is Not a Yogi

I've been doing yoga on and off for a few years now, and every time I start again, I
Oh, yes. Those glowing eyes show just how
mischievous this little guy is.
seem to forget how sore I end up the next day. It's a little shocking how quickly your body becomes unaccustomed to those poses.It'll pass, but that's not the happiest of feelings.

Anyway, at the end of my morning routine, I lie on the floor and meditate a little bit.

Currently, we have three cats. Two are pushing 13, while the third is only 3 years old, so he still has a lot of kitten to him.

The two older cats will watch me for a while, provided they feel like my company at the moment, but generally write their human's weird behavior off as whatever cats write it off as.

The little one? He's very interested in what I'm doing. Generally, he just sniffs at me, winds his way through my legs or headbutts me. Typical curious cat behavior. If I happen to be doing push ups, he'll lie down under me, because apparently I make a decent living blanket.

This morning, he didn't like my meditation. I felt him sniffing at my wrist, but ignored the sensation as best I could. His little nose bumped my skin just before his teeth tentatively closed in.

"Ow!" I reflexively yelped, though the nip didn't hurt much, and watched him sail right over my body, tail hooked playfully as he bolted under our Yule tree. He then proceeded to play hide and seek with me for a while.

Every time I tried sitting down, he'd peek around the corner, chirp at me, and go running off in a bid to get me to play as soon as I stood up.

Who knew yoga could rile cats up like that?


  1. When I had cats, one of them join me on a Yoga mat, rubbing herself to me to get my attention.
    Funny how your cat reacted.

    1. Aww. Sounds like a cute cat. :)

      Today, mine didn't care. He was too busy soaking heat up from the register. I guess timing really is everything, since he tends to get hyper in the mornings.

  2. My dog thinks if I'm on the floor I'm there to play with her. I have to close the door on her and our three cats to get any yoga done. I think they're just fascinated to find us at their level.

    1. LOL Yes, I'm sure they are! I grew up with dogs, and they always thought I was down to play if I happened to be doing something on the floor, so I know exactly what you mean!

  3. My dog also wants to play any time I am at ground level. They seem to think that is there territory. Great posting.


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