Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Help For Ferguson, MO

Being white, I don't feel as if I can say much about what's going on in Ferguson outside of:
  • Black Lives Matter
  • It's utterly disgusting that racism is still the problem it is today
  • I agree with the National Bar Association that the prosecutor should recuse himself
So, instead of adding another opinion, I'm compiling a list of practical ways to help people in that area.

St. Louis Area Food Bank - I've heard quite a few kids from Ferguson rely on school lunch for their daily meals, and food is hard to come by when you don't have good transport. Donating to the food bank is a fantastic way to make sure more families get the food they need.

Ferguson Youth Initiative - This organization offers the youth in Ferguson a chance to get meaningfully involved in their community, and gives them the opportunity to use their voices.

Ferguson Municipal Public Library - From day 1, this library has had a huge presence in the community. It's offered classes when school was closed, and provides a haven for the residents. Apparently, they've seen a huge spike in donations, but libraries are always good options to support, especially this one.

NAACP Petition to Secure Justice for Michael Brown - This is an online petition sponsored by the NAACP for the Department of Justice to continue their investigation into Michael Brown's case. Just because the jury didn't indite Darren Wilson doesn't mean the legal options are completely exhausted, yet. It takes a second to sign, and doesn't cost a penny.

United Way Ferguson -They're offering assistance to people effected by the goings on in the Ferguson area. Tumblr user Anne Agnes was thoughtful enough to check them out on Charity Navigator.

Homeless Shelter and Supportive Housing

Domestic Violence Center

These all seem to be very reputable places, and I hesitate to support independent charities without checking them out thoroughly, but if you have any to share, feel free to comment, and I'll add more listings as soon as I can.

I can't promise that it'll be any time soon, since there's a lot going on in my personal life right now, and I have limited time for the internet until Monday morning.

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