Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Fictioneers: That Old Car Smell

The first thought I had to today's Friday Fictioneers, courtesy of Rochell Wisoff-Fields prompt was, "WHAT is THAT?" Because.

Wow. That's...that's...quite an automobile.

My second reaction was to burst out laughing.

My third was to write the following story, based off the fact the front of that car loosely reminds me of the plows that'll be roaming the local streets altogether too soon. I realize that sucker would be more suited to construction than snow removal, though.

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Jean L. Hays
Genre: Realistic Fiction (As realistic as I can get, anyway.)
Word Count: 100

Title: That Old Car Smell
Danni realized cost effectiveness was important. She did. New cars were expensive, especially when used for commercial plowing, but this?
“Frank,” she began.
“Yeah?” Her employee grinned at her, his mustache flickering absurdly under his nose.
“Well, you said you didn’t want something too new, so I figured this would fit the bill.”
She pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed. “This wasn’t what I had in mind.”
“C’mon give it a test drive. You’ll love it.”
She watched him before opening the driver’s side door. “If this thing kills me, my funeral’s coming out of your paycheck.”

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