Friday, November 21, 2014

Forced Vacation Day Today - Sort Of

Yesterday, I won NaNoWriMo! Yay!

Over 50K in under a month? Not bad, especially for a dyslexic like yours truly. I have a few more events to tackle in that particular story before I can actually say the zero draft is done, but 50K is a pretty decent milestone.

As an added bonus, getting started with this book has helped me figure out how to end the one that comes before it. Once I get this story done, I think I'll tackle that one, and whip it into some sort of presentable shape.

So, I took a break from writing, today. My mind's still on finishing the story, but my brain is grateful to have a break from writing. My poor hands and wrists needed the break, too. That carpal tunnel in my right hand began acting up towards yesterday evening, which was the final deciding factor in stepping away from the computer. Most of the feeling has returned, and pain levels there have declined considerably.

Good call on my part.

Today, I applied henna to my hair, did a tiny bit of cooking and a bit of cleaning, so there was some productivity involved.

Three things about henna:

1. It is HEAVY when it's setting in your hair. It's basically a thick paste applied generously to your entire head. My neck is very unhappy with me right now, and that discontent is migrating into my head. (Like, ow, 'n stuff.)

2. It takes forever to wash out. I'll need to give my hair another wash tomorrow. I didn't manage to get everything today, and didn't realize it until my hair was mostly dry. Ah well. That happened last time, too.

3. It takes a few days to fully settle. That's ok with me. I'll end up with some nice auburn hair, which works pretty well with my coloring.

Here's what it looks like as of a couple minutes ago:

Wow. I look pale. That probably has more to do with the fact I'm leaning toward my white desk light and less to do with ill health. I still wouldn't mind a hot cup of coco and some quality time with one of the books I'm reading, though.
At the moment, the red shows most in the places the sun had bleached my hair blond, but the rest should warm up relatively soon. It also does a great job of smoothing this mess into something relatively attractive and turning winter frizz into the natural curls I get in warmer weather.

Henna is great, even if it is something of a pain to use.

Anyway. Friday Fictioneers will happen tomorrow, along with scheduling a few blog posts, hopefully in the morning sometime. I have a fair amount of cleaning left to do, but at least it's nothing overwhelming.

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