Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Stewing over Stew

I'm having some trouble putting one word after another, today. I still wanted to update this blog, at least with the BlogHer prompt of what my favorite fall food is.

Stew! I love stew. Beef stew is my favorite, so far, but veggie stew comes in at a close second. After the first shot of cold air, I whipped a batch up, and that's long gone. Now that the weather is steadily cooling, I have the desire to make more.

Last year, I'd also made a great, thick pumpkin soup. My husband works for a landscaping company that also has a nursery, gets a discount on goods sold there, and can bring home perishable things after the season ends. They do seasonal gardening things in the spring and summer, Christmas trees in November, and pumpkins in September and October. Last year, he brought home two massive pumpkins the day after Halloween.

Unfortunately, he hadn't seen the big rotten spot on the bottom of one of them, but the other was still big enough for the meat to fill the crock pot and offer a baking sheet full of roasted seeds. Hopefully, he'll be a bit more careful this year.

Of course, now I want to make stew, but that would involve doing the dishes, heading to the store and cutting things up. Maybe stew will be a weekend activity.


  1. I also love stew! I usually use a pressure cooker to make stew, so it doesn't take so much time. I cooked beef stew last week, and it was good.

    1. Yum! I still need to make up another batch. Maybe the next time we head to the grocery store.

      I've never used a pressure cooker before, so I have no idea how to! Our crock pot works pretty well, though, even if it does take a while. :)


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