Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I'm all worked up. Again.

Do you know what would be nice? Going a full day without being faced with the problems cultural sexism keeps shoving on us.

For every step forward, there's a group who wants nothing more to shove us back. Aside from the eternal debate between the pro- and anti-government folks, I've seen California's new Yes Means Yes law called an act of hate against men.

Really? Having a clear cut idea of what consent for a sexual act is hateful? Or do these guys just not like the idea of being held accountable for their actions? I guess they don't realize that it protects men as well as women.

Then today, I came across this gem. A woman who works on exposing tropes applied to women in video games, and works on making the gaming world safer for women, was forced to cancel an appearance due to a combination of a mass shooting threat and the school's allowance of concealed weapons.

I'm not going to get into the whole gun debate here. Guns are tools of destruction, whether it's hunting for food or killing/maiming people. The intent with which they're being used is what counts.

When there's an obvious threat not only against her life, but her audience's as well, how can any responsible speaker not cancel? The intent was obvious, he wouldn't be the first to go on a murdering spree over hurt feelings and there would be no barrier for him to get around. By the way, if you hadn't read the article, the guy stated he'd do it to get revenge against feminists because they've "ruined his life".

Again with the lack of personal responsibility.

Of course, these examples come right on the heels of a local women bringing charges against the Minneapolis police for being sexually assaulted during her arrest. It's not the first case of its type that I've heard of against this police force, and after how dismissive they were with my situation back in April, I fully believe what this latest woman says.

And people want to tell me sexism isn't a problem anymore.

Of course not. That must be why this guy was beaten for daring to be a decent human being. It must also be why women are attacked and murdered for rejecting strange men's advances.


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