Thursday, October 16, 2014

Autumn in Minnesota

Despite whatever issues I may have about living in the upper midwest, I have to admit this area is full of natural beauty.

Since fall is such a gorgeous time of year, I decided to take some pictures when I was out and about. Here are a few from my regular running route and the lake my hubby grew up on.

What are some of your favorite things about the natural world during autumn?


  1. The lake, the sky, the trees, they are all beautiful. Your wonderful photos make me feel peaceful and happy.
    I like the clear, blue sky in the autumn.

    1. Thank you, Romi! I need to go out this weekend to get a few more pictures, before the color starts to fade. If Lake Superior weren't so far, I wouldn't mind taking a day trip up there to see the color there.

      The blue autumn sky is one of my favorites, too, especially since the water reflects it. Nature has some stunning color.


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