Sunday, September 21, 2014

Nope. Not leaving the house for a while.

Well, folks, this hasn't been the greatest few days for us here in MN-land.

We couldn't believe how bad
the swelling was. It went all the
way up to his elbow.
Those of you who are already familiar with insect sting allergies probably know what's going on with the picture to the right.

Thursday afternoon, around 4 pm, hubby got stung by a bee on his hand. The stinger actually ended up driving right down to the bone.

Usually, bee stings aren't a big deal for him. He's been attacked by the things many times before, and every time, his body barely reacted.

This time was something else altogether. However, he hid this from me when he got home that day, opting instead to head downstairs to work on his computer. It wasn't until late that night that I noticed the swelling.

I couldn't convince him to go to the doctor until the next morning. Eventually, he went to Urgent Care, where he was seen right away. At that point, he was starting to have trouble breathing, too. They must have given him some epinephrine or something for the histamine reaction, put him on prednisone, and prescribed him a two-pack epi-pen to carry with him at all times.

At this point, I'd like to talk to all of you 'tough guys/girls' out there. If you ever, ever have a reaction this severe to a bug bite or bee sting, GET TO THE DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY. I don't care if your pride is knocked down a few notches, getting prompt treatment will reduce your likelihood of prolonged suffering, or eventual death. The bills will also be figured out, later. Emergency rooms can't turn you away for this.

On top of all of that, our cat went missing for a while the day hubby went to urgent care. The little brat scared us so badly that we ended up wandering the neighborhood, calling for him, tearing the house apart, and eventually calling the microchip place he's registered with.

One of the side effects of prednisone is changes in mood. Yeah, you can guess how well the missing kitty plus that side effect mixed. Ugh. Talk about a miserable experience for all involved.

The kitty showed up, though, after the phone call and a couple of online calls for help. Hubby finally got some rest, and said kitty would have cried for the entire night if I hadn't spent most of it upright with him. The only times he'd hush were when I was cradling him like a baby, or throwing bits of food for him to chase. Curling up in bed with us just wasn't going to cut it.

Saturday, I was beat. Saturday night, I didn't sleep much, either, so this morning was spent catching up.

Today, I wandered off to Target to pick up some antihistamines to carry just in case of another sting, as suggested by the paperwork from the doctor, and a few other things. As I was leaving, the alarm went off.

Cue accusatory stares! Ah, the perfect addition to an already stressful weekend.

At least the security guy was pleasant, as was the staff. It probably helped that I willingly showed them everything in the backpack I was carrying, and went through my purchases with them. It turns off that the sensors tend to randomly pick up things like key-fob and cell phone signals.

I was cleared, all's well, and I deserve some pampering. This calls for an oil treatment for my hair, a sugar scrub session and some painted nails.


  1. My brother had a similar experience. He had received the odd wasp sting and then once he tangled with a nest while mowing the lawn and got eight stings. OK, only the normal. But the next time - one sting and his hand looked about like your hubby's. Yes, doctor and future precautions.

    1. Oooh, wasps are evil. Ugh. Here's hoping your brother never has to tangle with them again! Those allergies are serious business.

      When my little brother was a young child, he wandered into an area with numerous wasp nests, and ended up stung multiple times. He was young enough that he got a trip to an ER out of it. No idea if he's ever been stung again, but I always worry about what would happen if he is.


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