Thursday, September 18, 2014

Are You a Car Creeper?

Not all dudes in cars are creepers, but most creepers in cars are dudes. So, when do you transform from a dude in a car to a creeper in a car?

Symptom One: Horn Honking
An automobile's horn was put there to prevent car crashes by alerting other drivers and denizens of the road of your presence. It was not put there to draw the attention of the person you may find attractive as they walk along the sidewalk. Sure, it gets their attention, most often by scaring them into looking for impending danger, but it probably won't be the kind of attention you're looking for.

Symptom Two: Yelling and Whistling
Whistling or yelling at someone is never a good idea, but what's the point of doing it while you're driving by? Do you expect your target to flag you down and insist on going with you? Are you trying to compliment them? How is heckling a stranger on the street as if they're a zoo animal complimentary?

Symptom Three: Slowing Down
There are few things quite as disturbing to many pedestrians as a strange car slowing down for the occupants to get a better look/harass them. They have no way of knowing what your true motives are, if you have a weapon or if you're planning on getting out to assault them. It doesn't matter if you weren't planning on harming them. They have no way of knowing what you're capable of just by looking at you.

Symptom Four: Obscene Gestures
This should go without saying, but so should most of this list. Making obscene gestures, like thrusting your hips or otherwise miming sex acts, is just disgusting. Why would you think that would be appealing to anyone?

Symptom Five: Following
By "following" I don't mean following someone in a parking lot to get their spot when they leave. I mean slowing down to their pace and following them as they walk along the street. If you do this to someone with the intent to harass them, you're not only proving just how undeserving of their attention you are, but you may be breaking the law. After all, following while harassing or with the intent to provide more unwanted attention is a legal offense.

Symptom Six: Exiting The Car
This is quite possibly the most frightening action of all. When you pull over, exit the car and approach your target, you're not demonstrating a dedication to paying them a compliment. You're acting in a threatening manner, and shouldn't be surprised if you get a negative reaction.

If you've done any of these things to someone you don't know or someone you do know who doesn't like these behaviors, congratulations, you're a Car Creeper! If you'd like to get rid of that label, here are some simple tips on how to do so:
  • Stop doing it
  • If you witness one of your friends or family members doing it, let them know you don't approve
  • Stop doing it
  • Stop doing it
  • Seriously, quit it
This has been a PSA from someone who's had to deal with this nonsense on a fairly regular basis.

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