Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Unconcious Mutterings - Behind on Comments

Last week was full of familial goodness, this weekend full of other stuff and today I'm trying to get enough writing done before moving on to domestic...something or other.

So, it's with deepest regret that I must put off replying to the kind comments on Friday's entry and lose myself in the work of other Fictioneers until later.

Obviously, my brain still isn't making the right connections, so once again, I'm turning to Luna Niña for help via word association. (Yay! I found the alt code for the ñ! ALT+0241. 'Tis written down.)

  1. I think I love :: you, so what am I so afraid of? (...oh, no. I don't want that song stuck in my head.)
  2. Obsessed :: with cheese.
  3. Dancers :: kick high.
  4. Guitar :: solo
  5. Hurry up! :: and wait.
  6. Thump :: the chest. (And now I want to watch Disney's Tarzan.)
  7. Conquest:: of the heart.
  8. Lights :: Lewis Latimer! (He invented the carbon light bulb filament. Or at least invented a better process. He's credited with the filament, at least. I wrote about him and how I memorized who he is here.)
  9. Rose :: Tyler. (Ok, now I also want to do a Doctor Who marathon.)
  10. Birthday :: Getting a brother-in-law for mine.
Alrighty then. Now I'm unstuck enough to get going with the next item on ye olde to-do list.

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