Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Fictioneers - Why Won't Practice Make Perfect?

Friday Fictioneers and this one's inspired by the struggle surrounding learning disabilities. Being dyslexic myself, I know firsthand how frustrating it can be.

Thanks, as always, go out to Rochell Wisoff-Fields for hosting.

Prompt used with permission for this purpose only. Credit - Jan Wayne Fields

Genre: Fiction
Word Count: 99

Why Won't Practice Make Perfect?

Something throbbed just behind her left temple. It probably had to do with the paper sitting in front of her, covered with messy scrawls intended to be letters. She wanted to be a proper lady, but no matter how long she practiced, her writing refused to improve.

“Sweetheart,” her mother’s voice sprang from behind her. Slender hands descending on her shoulders did nothing to still the startled teenager’s jump. “Are you finished?”

The girl couldn’t bring herself to look into those disappointed brown eyes. Instead, she stared at the ink tin on the writing desk and shook her head.

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