Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Book Review - Undoing Winter

I was thrilled when I heard about my friend, Shannon, was going to have a book of her poetry published. Naturally, I preordered the book and waited with the utmost patience for it to arrive. Despite having little affection for poetry in general, I was excited when this little book showed up in my mailbox.

It was a couple of days before I could actually sit down to read it. Summers are busy, after all, and it's somehow fitting this book should arrive in July. I finally had the chance when tendinitis in my hands forced a break from housework. (I'm feeling better now, thanks.)

Anyway, her poetry is full of stunning imagery, and every time I reread one of the pieces, I noticed deeper layers, alternate interpretations and connections to events she's shared over our years of acquaintance. For me, that's what good poetry should be. Intimate, striking and memorable.

But hey, that's just my rather unscholarly opinion.

Like with all books, I enjoyed some parts more than others. My three favorite poems are Space, because the emotion surrounding the coming of a child closely mirrored what I felt during my husband's recovery years ago, Moon Song, because I've had nights where the dead have come home with me, and Weaver, because spiders are cool AND I've had similar thoughts about my creative endeavors.

Shannon's work is just as much a reflection of her spirit as it is what the reader makes of it. I'd recommend this little book to any lover of poetry, but also to those who enjoy writing with depth and emotion.

You can order it online from Finishing Line Press.

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