Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Turtles, Turtles Everywhere

My husband and I first met in a Ninja Turtles chat room. We were online friends for over a year, before we met, and his first words to me when we met in person were, "Where's the rest of you?"

So romantic. I guess I look taller in photos.

Between that and great enjoyment of the franchise, I've been a TMNT fan for a while. As the years passed, that interest has expanded into all turtles. I get a bit giddy when I see a wild turtle and great amusement when I see them in stores.

This week has been filled with turtles. It's been an entertaining diversion from the (slowly lessening) pain in my wrist and assorted other stresses. So, I figured I'd share the three most entertaining turtle encounters, so far.

I'd gone to Target after my physical on Monday to pick up a few things. As I wandered, I spotted a TMNT sprinkler. The water comes out of the manhole cover Mikey's standing on.


Toy designers, let me clue you into something about the Ninja Turtles.


No, really. Wouldn't you think water shooting out of a manhole cover would probably be a bad thing?

Trust me on this one. Our sewer backed up into the basement shortly after we bought the house. It was rather terrible.

I should have taken a closer look at the product description to see if they actually used the term "sewer water".

This guy or gal is the first fully grown wild turtle I've seen of the season. I thought it was a large, exceptionally shiny rock at first, but then I got close enough to see the details.

The day was very warm and humid, so I wasn't surprised to find a turtle sunning itself. I didn't want to scare it off, so I didn't spend any time trying to get a picture of the "Yeah? Whadda YOU want" look it was giving me.

For some of the least threatening critters in the animal kingdom, barring snappers, turtles have the most attitude.

Still, its markings on the face and legs were very pretty; all reds and oranges. I also like the pattern on the shell.

Since the area is relatively well traveled, I always worry about the wildlife getting mistreated. Turtles can move pretty quickly when they want to, but they're not invulnerable.

In any case, I hope this beautiful creature remains unmolested. There's more than enough water for it to escape into, should the need arise.

Lastly, meet Ferdinand the Attack Turtle! Hubby saw this cutie at his job yesterday and decided to invest in him. I doubt that will be his final home, since there will eventually be a deck in that spot, but he seems content enough as is.

He's already had a couple of names: Spike, Slash, but he looks more like a Ferdinand.

I mean, look at that sassy grin. He knows he's tough. He'll take you on by...

Well, probably sitting there, looking cute.

Hey, it works for kittens.

Oh! Maybe he's like the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who. Don't look away, lest he sends you back centuries in time. Perhaps to the days before indoor plumbing. The horror!

In that case, maybe I should have picked up that TMNT sprinkler, so I could give the people of that ideas of how to create an effective sewage and sanitation system.


  1. Haha - love the way you met - turtles are amazing :)

    1. Hehe. Thanks! It's certainly a story that gets attention. I agree, they're very neat creatures! :)


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