Friday, June 13, 2014

Spam and Rice?

Rice isn't bad, but in the eternal words of Monty Python, "I DON'T LIKE SPAM!" Maybe I just haven't had it prepared in a palatable way, but canned hog just isn't very appetizing. I'm even less fond of internet spam.
Then again, this might not be too bad.
by jefferyw, [CC BY-SA 2.0], via flickr

Actually, I'm kind of snickering to myself right now. Since I moderate all of my comments, some don't make it through, and I've gotten pretty good at spotting spammers. This morning, I noticed a comment awaiting moderation on Alternative Wiring.

The first bell that went off was the fact it was in another language with the last word linked to a web page. I still thought it was spam, but there was still the chance it could just be someone who can read English, but don't have a grip on writing it.

No, I did not click the link.

Off to Google translate I went. I had a hunch it may have been Hindi, but since I wasn't 100% sure, I hit detect language and got, "Interesting article. I too write articles look here."

Am I good, or am I good?

Anyway, the prompt from BlogHer might generate some good stories. "Have you ever gotten a comment that scared you?"

As for comments? No. I've gotten a few that angered me, several that made me roll my eyes and others that didn't get a reaction other than "delete", but none that actually scared me.

However, when I was still a teenager, I did have a couple of cyber bullies target me.

One still pops up from time to time, who thinks I'm afraid of her. In reality, she's not worth my time or effort, which is why I don't respond to her. She's one of those pathetic people who can't find confidence in herself without tearing other people down. Being heartily disliked isn't something to be proud of.

Another had actually hacked my network and lorded that information over me. I believe he was later caught by law enforcement, since he did the same thing to enough other people to get caught. No clue what happened to him beyond that, though.

The last one tried scaring a few friends and I. He succeeded in scaring a couple of them into deleting their existing accounts and going into hiding. By that point, I'd had enough experience to spot him for what he was, stand up to him and cut him out of my life.

Of course, there have been several others who tried bullying me since then, and failed miserably. What's the point in targeting someone who a) won't feed the bully's ego, b) knows their rights and c) isn't afraid to exercise those rights by reporting the individual to the appropriate parties?

So, yeah, spam and bullies get annoying, but at least there are ways of handling them.

As for rice? Well, I just found out it can stand for Respect, Integrity, Courage and Excellence. That works well as a way to counter the less savory side of internet culture.

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