Saturday, June 7, 2014

Perfect lazy Saturday

Catching up on some reading today. I'm also apparently catching up on kitty snuggles, too. It's just been the perfect lazy Saturday.

Gentle rumblers rolled through this morning. It's been drizzling on and off all day. I love the sound of rain.

The peace was wonderful, except for when the neighbor broke it with his ancient weed whacker and lawn-mower, followed by assorted cursing. I could have done without the breathing difficulties brought on by the stench of exhaust from said yard machines wafting through the window, too.

That's what the inhaler's for, I suppose.

Anyway. Enjoy a picture of the view I had just beyond the book I finished.

This big boy is such a cuddle monster.

Book review will be posted tomorrow after morning shenanigans!


  1. Hahaha, funny :D although I also totally could do without you having to endure this stench. Do splat out some more :D With splat comes inspiration :)

    1. I could have done without it, too, but ah well. Beautiful day today! I shall splat away. ;)

  2. It does sound perfect and the cuddly feline completes the picture.


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