Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lucky Number 13

If you've watched any television last week, or spent any time online, odds are, you've heard that yesterday was Friday the 13th.


You may have also heard that it's a full moon, Mercury is in retrograde and solar flares have been messing communication systems up.

Who'd like to join me for some howling?
Image Credit: NASA
Well, that's all true.

The world is coming to an end! Altogether now, let's fall to our knees, thrust our fists into the air and bellow, "NOOOOO" at the tops of our lungs!

Or, y'know, not.

Doom and gloom aside, Friday the 13th ended up being rather entertaining for me.

Hubby and I decided to go see How to Train Your Dragon 2. Super cute movie! Well worth the ticket money. I'd suggest seeing it, especially if you liked the first one.

I had to grin when I saw the theater number.


Towards the beginning of the movie, a number cropped up.


When did we get home?


Thought I was going to say 13, huh? Though, the repetition of 10:10 was pretty interesting to my then numerically driven mind.

Synchronicity like that sometimes make me wonder if the Universe is having a chuckle at the tiny, over-analytical humans' expense.

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