Friday, June 6, 2014

It's been one of THOSE days.

I had so much stuff I wanted to get done today before my husband got home.

Get to the store to pick up the spare inhaler the doctor called in, pick up some fruits and veggies, change the cat boxes, make jewelry for my shop, get a total of three blog entries posted, give the story I've been working on one last read
That's me from a few years ago. I apparently feel
now as I did then.
through, plus housework.

Nope. I got that jewelry made, then posted and a blog entry up, but that's it.

Problem number one: The Phone

It would NOT. STOP. RINGING. Since I was working in the living room, I had to get up every time to check the caller ID. Call me high strung, but other than the junk calls we get, a select few people have our home phone number.

Those people are either family members or organizations who need an emergency contact number. So, when the phone rings, I always check the ID, and answer only when I think I know who it is.

Today just happened to be the day when people looking for money wanted our attention. The one time I picked it up, thinking it was someone important, it was a salesperson trying to sell me a new mortgage.

Um. No. When we want to try refinancing again, we'll go shopping for a new place. There's no way I'm giving my information a company who bought my name and number off of someone else.

Scratch that, the other time I answered the phone, it was my sister on the other end, and she obviously falls into the "family" category.

Problem number two: Fraud
Yep. They got us.

If you live in the US, you'll probably recall the big hacking story about Target earlier this year. For those who don't, here's an article about it. I thought we had been safe, but now I'm wondering.

Though, who knows? Target wasn't the only one hit. I guess it doesn't really matter where our data was stolen from at this point.

I took a look at our bank statement and noticed a questionable transaction. It was a small charge, less than $10, but when I checked out the web page, I had the feeling neither of us shopped there.

It's pretty common knowledge that data thieves will make small purchases to test how closely an account is managed. So, naturally, I jumped right on that after verifying with the hubby that he hadn't gone to the page.

Thankfully, the bank had already tagged the transaction as suspicious, and I was able to get it taken care of relatively quickly. It's a good thing I check that balance relatively frequently.

'Course, my learning disability makes dealing with numbers hard, so one phone call turned into four. The first two were screw ups on my end. The third was a technical problem on their end, but the fourth worked out.

Now, I need to take care of assorted follow up things. I'll also be keeping a closer eye on our accounts.

Problem number three: Computer Issues
Well, I guess it would be more accurate to say "web page issues", because the page I uploaded the listings to was frustratingly slow today. Maybe it was just because I was already irritated, but man...enough already.

Now, I'm finally wrapping up my last blog entry of the day. Hubby's home, busy with his cigar outside, the cat's hairball is cleaned up, and zero housework has been done. Well, does hairball removal count as housework?

Yeah, it's housework.

Ok. Unplanned, tiny mess housework has been completed.

Not to mention that story. I really need to find a home for it. Oh! And I was going to practice for that contest next month, too.

I guess that's what Saturday's for, right?

I'd brew myself some tea, but I think a beer's called for right about now. Maybe things will be a bit brighter tomorrow.


  1. Oh, thank you for reminding me to check bank account movenments :P Also, have my knautsches *bad day* *go away, day and leave Em alone*

    1. *knautsches* Thanks, Scorpio! This weekend has gotten better. :)


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