Monday, June 2, 2014

Comment Policy and Wrist Update

FUTURO (for her)
The name makes me giggle.
It's also one of the few gendered
products I'll buy because my
hands are so small.
Well, I had intended to update my blogs this morning, but that didn't happen. See, I had my yearly physical this afternoon, and I thought I was going to get my blood tested. I ended up fasting this morning, only to find out the doctor decided I didn't need the tests.

Ah well. At least I got to have a lovely lunch outside, even if I couldn't think straight enough this morning to string more than three words together.

I also told her about my wrist pain, and the tingling that had magically appeared this morning. And the verdict is...carpal tunnel syndrome!

Oh. Joy.

Anyway, it's early enough along that if I wear my new brace when on the computer and do the exercises she sent me home with regularly, it shouldn't get any worse.

Thanks to all who have commented and/or expressed concern! You're wonderful.

She also referred me for an allergy test, since I've been reacting to a lot more things than I have in the past. THAT'S gonna be fun. I'm still on the fence about shots, though. I guess it depends on how the test turns out.

Here's hoping I don't need to fight with the health insurance company over it. I need to check the paperwork before making the appointment.

ANYWAY...comment policy!

When it comes to comments, I take a common sense approach. The only rules I have for commenters are:
  • Be civil! It's ok to get upset, or disagree, but name calling, threats or anything else along those lines will not be tolerated. If you find yourself getting heated, step back and take some time away from the computer.
  • Respect fellow commenters! Again, disagreements are ok, but flame wars are big no-nos.
  • I'd hope this would be obvious by now, but bullying and abuse will not be tolerated. If you feel the need to purposely hurt or control someone, it's time to go elsewhere.
  • Tangents are good! It can be entertaining to see where they lead. If you'd like to go off on one, have fun! Sure, it may be best if you stick to the topic at hand, but wandering happens.
  • No spam! If you want to provide a link to your web page in your comment, cool. However, I won't publish if the comment is either nonsense with a link or just says something generic like, "I like your page, check mine out here!" I know links help with Google ranking, but comments are more for conversation than advertisement. That said, if you wrote something related to the topic at hand, feel free to toss a link to your work.
Really, that's all. To enforce those rules, I always approve comments before they appear, as noted in my comment section.

Otherwise? Hey, I'm pretty easy going.

I hope I haven't turned TOO many people off from engaging!

Would it be corny to invite comments about comment policies?


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