Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This blog is moving!

I'm leaving past entries up, but from here on out, you can find my content over at Random and Crafty. Join me there, will you? :)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Unconscious Mutterings - Miserable Allergies

Ugh. Allergies have been horrible, this year. Asthma, too. I'm so tired of not being able to breath properly.

Anyway, on to the word association. Thanks to Luna NiƱa, as always for hosting.

  1. Waste :: Water
  2. Excess :: Money
  3. Play :: Hard
  4. Heartbreak :: -ing
  5. Purchase :: Proof
  6. Fear :: of change
  7. Ages 2+ :: Kiddos
  8. Conform :: Why?
  9. Reduced :: Cost
  10. Change :: Happens

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Street Harassment Chronicles: The Drive By Slutting

I'll be chronicling the street harassment I put up with here. Every time I experience something troubling, I'll post a picture of what I was wearing when it happened, because too many people try to blame the victims by saying they're wearing risque clothing, and a description of the event.

I'd love to see more women speaking up about this, too, because I know I'm not the only one this happens to.

Yesterday, I headed to the store to pick up some ingredients for ratatouille. Since it's always easier to carry heavier groceries on my back, I carry a backpack with me.

It was relatively warm, so I figured I'd don shorts for the first time this season. I've always had a sort of antagonistic relationship with that article of clothing. I don't care for my scrawny legs, so I don't show them off often, and when I do wear shorts, sleazy comments seem to follow.

Heaven forbid I dress for the weather.

That day, things went relatively smoothly. One guy honked his horn and waved at me, which wasn't a big deal. He could have been my neighbor, but I didn't get a very good look at him, so I waved back anyway. Otherwise, I thought I'd get home without incident.

As I was approaching the intersection to my neighborhood, a car turned, and a young male voice yelled, "SLUT!" at me as they passed.

By the time I could react, they were already gone.

Seriously? What about my appearance prompted that outburst?


I wish there was a way I could get back at the cowards who do that stuff.

Would that guy do the same thing if we were on equal footing? If he faced the possibility of being yelled back at, or having a third party step in, would he be brave enough to yell profanity at women he didn't know?

Bah. At least the jerk didn't get to enjoy the tasty food I cooked up with the ingredients I was carrying home when he felt the need to defecate through his mouth.
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Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Unconscious Mutterings - Malcontent

Ever feel like you need a change in your life?

Yeah, that's what I'm feeling right now. Think I need to get out more.

Anyway, on with word association.

  1. Relief :: Restlessness
  2. Flutter :: Butter
  3. Match :: Stick
  4. Viewed :: With contempt
  5. Soul :: Searching
  6. Recognize :: -able
  7. Ambitious :: Ambitiousness
  8. Dancing :: Like you're drunk
  9. Paths :: Crossing
  10. Joke :: Just about everything, right now.
Here, have some Fall Out Boy. This music's been helping me stay moving today.

Maybe I should hit the trails for a run.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Well, that was kind of creepy...

Today wasn't all that stellar, though it wasn't terrible, either.

I mean, it's not good when you start it out knowing you're going to get a needle stuck in your mouth and a tooth drilled, but I like my dentist, so that always helps.

Anyway, aside from a few scheduling SNAFUs between a misunderstanding on my part and a tardy bus, I got that part of the day done in peace. Since my hands have been bothering me since I attacked the weeds Saturday, I decided to wear my braces today.

As far as street harassment went, there wasn't much. A couple glances here and there, one guy singling me out to try bumming a cigarette off (I don't smoke), but nothing too bad, until I was walking home from the grocery store.

The store is, oh, maybe a mile or two away from home, and the easiest route is along a moderately busy street. There are sidewalks and crosswalks, so it's relatively safe for pedestrians.

There are also other establishments along that stretch, and they're not always all that busy. As I began passing one with a mostly empty parking lot, I noticed a middle aged guy sitting in a pickup, watching me.

Maybe he was waiting for someone, but he was the only one there, and he was practically hanging out his window to watch me. The scene reminded me of something straight out of Law and Order, or maybe the first five minutes of Supernatural.

"Hey!" He shouted at me, and continued when I glanced over, "Need a ride?"

"No, thanks!" I offered a tight smile, still numb in places from the dentist, "I'm good."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I appreciate it." I picked up my pace a little.

"Those bags look heavy for sore wrists!"

"I'm good, have a nice day!" I refused to look back at this point, but listened for any sound of him trying to follow me.

"I don't mind!" Then, he said something else, but at that point, I couldn't understand what it was.

Maybe he was just trying to be a nice guy, but I've already met enough "nice guys" to know how quickly they can turn. Plus, he was SO persistent, and the way he was looking at me set off all kinds of warning bells.

I mean, really? If someone says "no, thanks", take that for what it is and leave them alone.

I wasn't playing hard to get, dude. I don't know you, so I don't trust you, and I won't go anywhere with you. Thanks for the offer, but no.

That's one of those situations that seem completely harmless, but could have turned into something else entirely. It's sad that we live in a world where we have to suspect something that could just be an act of kindness.

Ugh, still. I'm tempted to look up local predator alerts, just in case.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Fictioneers - Blue Shards

Had an odd dream last night. I was sitting on our front steps, staring into space, because I was so tired. Some of the neighborhood guys passed by and kept commenting about how far away I looked.

The jerks refused to believe it was because I was so tired.

I woke up annoyed and sleepy.

Ah well. That has nothing to do with today's Friday Fictioneers, which are still hosted by the awesome Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. By the way, her book is available for pre-order!

Please Say Kaddish For Me is based in 1899 Russia, and follows a young girl whose family was killed by the violently antisemetic Russian government of the day. It looks very interesting.

Anyway, on to my own story. Playing around with another of my characters from that series I'm working on. If you've been reading these regularly, you'll know a little about my Diana.

These little flashes aren't really related to each other. I'm just experimenting with ideas.
PHOTO PROMPT – © Douglas M. MacIlroy
Genre: Fantasy
Word Count: 98

Blue Shards
            The sky is always the same. Even in this world, with its barren landscapes and blowing snow, a tiny sliver of belonging warms her when she looks up. Today, blue splinters shot through the cottony blanket of clouds.
            Diana shivered and rubbed her mittened hands together.
            “We’re done here. C’mon, kid,” her deceptively slight companion grunted from the garage.
            Tearing her eyes from the comforting heavens, she turned back to the clunky machine rumbling to life within the enclosure. “Ok. Be right there.”
            Her breath’s lonely mist dissipated as she climbed the steps to the vehicle’s cold cabin.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Outsmarted By Crows

Every year, we head up north of Duluth to camp on the shore of Lake Superior and hike the trails. We've been doing this for a few years, now, and every year, the crows crack us up.

They don't have the usual "caw! caw!" call that you'd expect of them. Instead, they scream "AAH!" We were pretty freaked out the first few times, because we couldn't figure out what the yelling was, but we eventually got it sorted.

Last year, my husband got the fire pit ready before we headed out for our first, short hike the day we'd arrived. He tented the wood, balled up paper, stuck it in the hollow and off we went. As we left, we noticed a couple of crows watching us.

As far as hikes go, this one was pretty uneventful. We did some climbing, got the below pictures from one of Shovel Point's overlooks and headed back to the tent.

Pretty, yes? It's a gorgeous area, but we were tired from the long (long) drive and dealing with unfortunate circumstances before we left.

As we crossed the bridge, we heard an "AAH!" not far from us. Across the street, a crow bobbed its head at us and hopped along the fence parallel to our path. It even stopped long enough for us to get the below picture.

Entertaining, social bird, right? We called back, and returned the looks it kept giving us. We've both always had a fondness for those birds, but we didn't linger too long. We were hungry and needed some stationary time.

When we got back, we heard a suspicious shuffling around the corner. By the time we arrived at the site, we discovered one of the crows that had been watching us ripping through the kindling before flying off with bits of it!

We're pretty sure that tease at the bridge delayed us so its buddy could get some choice nest building material. Troublemakers.

That's the last time we make that mistake. Wonder how many other campers these birds have conned out of things.